Free Siteground SSL Certificate – How To Get a FREE Siteground SSL Installation Today?

free siteground ssl certificate

Wondering if you can get a FREE Siteground SSL Certificate Installation today? If so, then I will show you how to easily get one today!

SSL Certificates have been getting a lot of buzz and attention in the web hosting industry. In fact, search engines are constantly changing the way they rank websites in SERP’s. Websites that don’t have the Secure https:// will be labeled “not secure” before a visitor clicks thru a website. This is probably why you are here today, right?

Well, Siteground has a great remedy for this to help protect your brand: Get a FREE Siteground SSL Certificate Installation!

Why get a FREE Siteground SSL Certificate?

For starters, if you have a website that accepts payments or receives sensitive information, then a SSL certificate encrypts and secures that customer information.

Now as you look above in your browser, you will notice that the web address of this website begins with what? The word “Secure https://right?

Why do I have this FREE Siteground SSL certificate?

Although my site does not have an eCommerce store on its page, nor requires a visitor to enter sensitive credit/debit card info, it still secures my website for my visitors.

Secondly, the only products that I refer are web hosting services advertised via banners on this page.

[Check out some of these banners on the right side and footer sections of this site].

Customers only register by entering info on those secured official websites. However, it’s great to know that this website also is 100% secure also.

Think about this for a quick second.

If you were googling for something really important such as “how to get a free Siteground SSL certificate“, yet stumble upon a “not secure” notice in search results, would you click on it? Obviously not! I would not either:(

Websites that are not secure or regularly updated by owners are PRONE to hackers and cyber attacks.

So now that you understand clearly why you should get a SSL certificate, how do you get one for free from Siteground? It’s simple and doesn’t require a lot of thinking. Simply signup with Siteground hosting today! You can start your new website off the right way for your customers by hosting with a web host that provides it for free. It’s quick & takes just a few minutes to do!

Visit here to get started!

free siteground ssl certificate

free siteground ssl certificate

Once you get started with your preferred hosting plan and then select your domain name using the link above, Siteground does something really crazy amazing. They will automatically install the SSL certificate for you!

When I created this site, they did it for me so quickly. You don’t need to be a techie or a nerd to do it. They take care of this for you when you register.

Some web hosting online may offer SSL certificates, but charge for them. That’s not the case for Siteground. You can get a FREE Siteground SSL certificate for your new website.

Something else that I think is a real positive of having an SSL certificate is that it doesn’t matter how awesome your blog content is. As Bill gates coined it in 1996 “Content is King” this is still 100% true. However, the reality is that if your website isn’t “secure” then nobody will ever click and see your content online in search results.

Also, it has been reported that Google and other search will give priority to websites that have these SSL certificates as it indicates that they are secure websites. So in an essence, your very search engine rankings stand to be directly affected this year and the following if you DON’T equip your website or blog with an SSL certificate!

As you can see above, Siteground has 3 great web hosting plans that you can select from to start creating your website. For this blog, I currently use the GrowBig plan being it allows me to host unlimited websites.

Each hosting plan comes with tons of features such cPanel, site builders, tutorials, SEO tools, CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & more! They also offer a 100% 30 day money back guarantee, but you won’t need because they are GOOD!

To Get a Free Siteground SSL Certificate Installation Today on Your Website, Click Here! 




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