iPage Website Builder Review 2020 – A Scam or Legit Website Builder? Read this first!

Are you trying to create a website using iPage website builder? Do you want to create a WordPress blog or website? If so, then iPage is a great platform to for beginners on a tight budget! Keep reading this iPage website builder review to discover some of the benefits of using their web hosting for create your website today online!

ipage website builder review

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Of course there are tons of web hosting providers that will jump all over you to help you to get online. There is Siteground, Bluehost, Hostgator, WP Engine and many more! But when you really think about, iPage is not only legit, but also like the cheapest web hosting provider that you will find online following Hostinger for only 0.99/month. Also, it had pretty good support, control panel to configure your websites and also marketing tools and freebies to help you drive web traffic.

The thing that you will like about using the iPage website builder is that you can use it to create a blog or website using WordPress. WordPress is the best of the CMS platforms and software to use and is most popular. It is also very user-friendly and doesn’t any prior coding or technical experience to build a website.

You will notice that the Control Panel pictured below is simple and has everything that you need to manage your website.


ipage website builder review


However, the very step that you will to do if not already and that get started with iPage. You can do this buying your web hosting for online $1.99/month by clicking this special link here. [The official iPage website will open in another tab]

After you select your web hosting, you will select a domain name. This is where you need to be creative being this will represent your brand and business online. I recommend using your company name or something that describes what your blog theme or website will be about. Once you enter your domain name and click “check availability” iPage will then let you know if it is available to purchase.

This is basically the first step the must do before gaining access to your iPage website builder to create a website. I highly recommend that for domain names you think of something easy for your visitors to remember. It is NEVER a good idea to use dashes or hyphens in your domain names. It can definitely affect your SEO according to moz.com and definitely affect user experience and readability. Dashes can also make your domain look spammy to search engines.

Search for Your iPage Domain Here

Think about the name of this website cheaphostingleader.com. It is simple and easy to remember for my visitors like you. It describes exactly what this website is about and shares cheap web hosting options like iPage web hosting. Hopefully you get the point and understand why I take time to explain this to you first BEFORE building your website. And don’t worry you will get FREE domain registration for your website with a SSL certificate just like this website has to keep your website 100% secure. This way Google will not mark your website as “unsecure” in the search engines. Thankfully with the iPage website builder, you can get these for FREE and install them on your website easily.

How Does Ipage Website Builder Work?

Check out this nice video that shows you how easy it is to use to create websites online. It goes through the drap and drop method. This method doesn’t involve ANY web design, coding, html or techie experience to build or start a website online. Watch this video and then tell me what you think below in the comments area please.

As you could see in the video it shows you how create content, manage pages, add images, etc. It’s easy, right? Now so the only thing that you need to do is simply get started now! Ipage is a great platform that it not only cheap, but also has all of the tools that beginners need to get started online.

Although I know how to create WordPress blogs and websites from scratch, I have always loved the drag and drop method! It is so simple and easy to learn for beginners to create websites that represent their brand.

With the iPage website builder, you have access to thousands of themes that you can select from to customize your website to your liking.

Another cool thing that I wanted to mention in this iPage website builder review is that once you log into your control panel [backoffice]. you can also monitor stats such as website visits. This is great in the event you want to know how your new website is performing online and also how people are find online. If you don’t monitor this, then you will not know if you marketing is working or not. Also another tip that I recommend is tap into Google Analytics. It’s FREE and another MUST have tool that you need to monitor your website’s progress. It will also give you detail reports of your web traffic and where it comes from. Also, you can which of posts or pages perform the best and also how hits you get for each.

Ipage Website Builder Review Conclusion

Are you ready to start building your iPage website or blog right now? Well, what are you waiting for? Get started today! Signup with iPage web hosting. It is really ideal to use if you are a beginner online with a tight budget and this will be your first site. They have pretty good support and also give a 30 day money back guarantee on their web hosting. Do you want to open an eCommerce store to sell your products online? Then you can also use iPage web hosting services and tools to do this as well.

I want to thank you guys so much for reading this brief iPage website builder review. I hope you much success in your endeavors of creating your iPage website today!



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