5 Best Month to Month WordPress Hosting 2021:Read This First Before Buying!

I’ll be honest that it is extremely hard to find the best month to month WordPress hosting providers. In fact it’s probably more accurate to say that there are very few web hosting services that don’t require website owners to purchase upfront a complete year or two when signing up. But in this review today I wanted to share with you the 5 best month to month web hosting that I have found online!

I imagine that if you are looking to create a website or blog with month to month WordPress hosting, it means one of 2 things. Either you are on a tight budget or perhaps have a short term project. I say this because people who go month to month typically fall into these 2 groups. Whatever the case, you need to create a website today and that’s why you are here today.

Over the years I have created several websites online using different web hosting providers and web builders. The truth is that some of them were great and super reliable, while others not so hot. So today I wanted to give you some of my top recommendations to get off to a good start online.

My Top 5 Month To Month WordPress Hosting Recommendations

month to month wordpress hosting

Bluehost is a web hosting provider that has been around for over 20 years. They come highly recommended for WordPress hosting by WordPress.org itself due to their awesome performance.

They are one of the best month to month web hosting around that has very cheap prices starting at $2.95/month for 36 months. This is a super cheap rate if you were to buy it upfront. You can also get terms of 12 or 24 month terms if you prefer. Bluehost month to month WordPress hosting works after your 1st year with them. So you can do 12 months and then go month to month thereafter.

month to month wordpress hosting

There are really great benefits of using their WordPress hosting. You get a FREE domain, domain privacy protection, $200 marketing credits for PPC marketing, FREE SSL certificates, unlimited web hosting, and 24/7 customer support. Know that Bluehost offers a 30 day money guarantee!

For more details, checkout the Bluehost web hosting website here!

month to month wordpress hosting


Although my cheaphostingleader.com website uses Siteground WordPress hosting for $6.99/month, there are some other options to consider as well for creating a WP website. This is why I wrote this review today.

I love them because with Siteground WordPress Hosting, you can also host unlimited websites, get FREE SSL certificates, site transfers, faster hosting and more!

I switched from Hosting24 to Siteground because they are super faster and more reliable host for WordPress and have been hosting this site with them.

But, I must admit that I paid upfront for my web hosting which was way better than doing a month to month WordPress hosting. When you really count the costs, it really does costs more, but I got a great deal with them. It cost more to do month to month anywhere. But Siteground has faster customer than Bluehost and is another great option to create websites.

Go here to www.siteground.com to save 60% OFF Siteground now! They have a 30 day money back guarantee!

A2 HOSTING WORDPRESS HOSTING is a another one of the best month to month WordPress hosting that comes to mind. Their deal starts at $2.99/month for the Starter hosting plan. They are really known for their famous swift and turbo servers which contribute to fast page loads.

best month to month web hosting

The good thing is you don’t have to lock in to long 12, 24, and 36 terms with A2 Hosting. They also give an ANYTIME day money guarantee. You can get a FREE SSL certificate for personal sites with the month to month plan.


month to month wordpress hosting

HOSTGATOR starter plan charges only $2.75 for its month to month WordPress hosting. This is probably the best month to month web hosting provider that I have shared with you today! They offer a nice 60% OFF discount on web hosting which is a great savings online for beginners.

It will allow you to host 1 or even multiple websites just like Bluehost, Siteground, A2 Hosting mentioned above. The difference is that Hostgator has the longest money back guarantee of 45 days which is better than its competitors.

Go here to www.hostgator.com to try Hostgator WordPress hosting!

Month to Month WordPress Hosting: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

In short, it’s a bad idea if you are not buying your web hosting upfront or for the long term.

I know that you are looking mainly for places “where to buy month to month WordPress for cheap” or have “monthly billing”. But consider this before buying…

Monthly billing WordPress hosting normally cost about 100% more than if you purchase a complete year of hosting.

I mention this because I have created several websites online and know how to save you the most money online. This is why I wrote this post to help you.


So hopefully this consideration today gives you a better idea and complete perspective of how much it really cost to do monthly billing WordPress web hosting with different providers.

So in short, if you really want to use month to month WordPress hosting or any web hosting for short term goals, say 3 months, then it’s okay. But, if you are SERIOUS about your online business & in this for the long haul, then you should do yourself a BIG favor and save money by signing up for a 12-36 month term. You will see when you checkout how much money you will definitely save in web hosting!

Which of the month to month WordPress hosting providers mentioned above will you use to create your website today? Let me below in the comments area.

I hope you much success online this year with your business!


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