Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting Review 2021: Is EasyWP Worth It or Not? Read This First!

If you are checking out this Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting Review, then it means you want to create a WordPress website or blog with their platform. I have been using Namecheap WordPress hosting for quite some and love their services. But you may EasyWP worth it? Keep reading this review to find out what you must before getting started with Namecheap! If you don’t, then you might SMACK yourself later! 

What To Expect In This Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting Review

namecheap managed wordpress hosting review

I have been online for several years and during this time I have used tried out different web hosting services. Some where okay, while others were not. Today I wanted to explain why I feel Namcheap Managed WordPress hosting is the cheapest hosting leader for WordPress websites. To do this, we will cover all of the ins and out other platform that way you can get started creating your website today.

The difference with this review versus other Namecheap Managed WordPress hosting reviews is that this one will give you the good and the bad. This way you can make an informed decision about your online business. Also, you will not waste your time. I feel that’s important to find a web hosting provider that is not only reliable, but also affordable for beginners online. This is not the case for all web hosts, but Namecheap is doing things differently. Keep reading to see how!

How I Heard About Namecheap

I initially heard about Namecheap being I was looking for a way to save money and cut costs. I was with another web hosting provider and the costs of renewal was skyrocketing! I saw an ad online about cheap domain names. I checked out their official website and found some awesome deals of only $8.88! This is practically half the price of domains at Godaddy.

As I continued surfing the Namecheap website I started to compare their web hosting also and noticed a HUGE savings! This prompted me to make a decision to move to Namecheap. Since then, I have purchased over 20 domain names and have created several WordPress websites on their platform.

Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting Review: The Costs

What I like about the Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting Plans is that are very simple to understand. They have 3 cheap hosting plans that you can choose from to create your website in minutes:

EasyWP Starter Plan

  • Costs $29.88 per year (50% Discount on 1st Year) or $3.88/month
  • Gives you 10 GB SSD Storage
  • Handles 50,000 monthly visitors

EasyWP Turbo Plan

  • Costs $44.88 per year or $7.88/month
  • 50 GB SSD Storage
  • Handles 200,000 monthly visitors

EasyWP Supersonic Plan

  • Costs $49.88 per year or $11.88/month
  • 100GB SSD Storage
  • Handles 500,000 monthly visitors

Which EasyWP Managed Should You Choose?

The purpose of this Namecheap Managed WordPress hosting review is not tell you what to do. Nor am I trying to upsell you. Rather today I am giving you the info to consider before getting started. When I got started initially with Namecheap some time back, I bought their 1st tier Starter plan. This is what I recommend for complete beginners online who want to create WordPress websites or blogs.

This EasyWP Starter hosting plan is awesome being that it handles up to 50,000 visitors per month of web traffic on sites. I can tell you that this is MORE than enough considering most web hosting providers only support about 10,000 per month for the price point. Once example of this is Siteground.

As a beginner getting started online you don’t have any website visitors yet so it makes no sense to upgrade or scale up if you don’t have OVER 50,000 visitors coming to your website. I am explain this so that you will clearly understand the best way to save money online and grow your business over time.

Now if you already have higher volumes of traffic with your current website and want to migrate to Namecheap, then perhaps the Turbo or Supersonic are better. But again this is my personal opinion. Any way, you can’t wrong with Namcheap because they are an amazing web hosting provider with all of the resources that you will need to build and maintain your websites online.   


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Money Back Guarantee

How does the refund policy work on the Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting plans? Namcheap offers a simple 30 day money back guarantee to customers. Over the years that most WordPress hosting providers offer a standard 30 day money back guarantee. Some other competitors that also offer managed services.

iPage web hosting also provides a 30 day refund policy any costs $1.99/month.

Siteground, who also provides managed WordPress hosting costs $6.99/month. A2 Hosting, another Namecheap WordPress hosting competitors costs only $2.99/month. Bluehost also provides hosting for $3.95/month.

NOTE The following managed WordPress hosting have better uptime server performance than Namecheap WordPress Hosting, but are more expensive monthly.

As you could see above, Namecheap managed WordPress hosting review thus far, EasyWP has many competitors, but none of them can beat Namecheap pricing!

Things To Know About Namecheap WordPress Hosting

Although Namhecheap is an AMAZING web hosting provider, you know that they do not have phone based customer support. There is only 24/7/365 chat and email based support. This is probably the only con you will find about them, but it’s not a big deal at all. Why? 

There are tons of popular web hosting providers online just like Namecheap who don’t offer phone based support. Dreamhost, who has web hosting starting at$2.59/month has been in business since 1997 has fast email and chat support. 

Hostinger also is another cheap web hosting provider based in Europe with over 29 million clients in 178 countries globally. Again, they have been in business since 2004 and have no phone support, just fast email and chat.  

Why do I mention these 2 examples in this EasyWP review? Because if you have a problem or questions, it’s important to know that you ALWAYS customer support for help. And this is the case for Namecheap. Their customer support is very fast and super helpful and this is why I recommend using them.

Another thing that I wanted to mention in this Namecheap WordPress hosting review is that works hard to protect your websites online. You will get website backups, SSL certificates, and domain privacy for FREE on your domains! Domain privacy is great to protect your information online with this whois directory. It’s like the Whitepages for websites online, but a place where scammers steal information. Namecheap blocks your information so people can’t see it which helps to protect you. 

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EasyWP Site Migrations

Do you want to migrate your website today to Namecheap? If so, then they 100% FREE and when you get started today customer support will do it for you.

You will notice that Namecheap has different types of hosting for all tastes. There is shared web hosting, EasyWP Managed WordPress hosting, VPS, Dedicated and even Reseller hosting. But on any note, site migrations are free and done at no costs to you. So if you are currently with another web hosting provider that you don’t like or having problems with, then now is the time to migrate! It’s a very quick, seamless and hands off process to move your website to their WordPress platform.

Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting Review Conclusion

Namecheap is one of the top domain name and web hosting providers in the world. Currently, they have over 11 million users of their services. As you guys could see clearly in this EasyWP review today their prices are unmatched. They are super affordable and great for beginners online to save money with their business. 

If you want to start a blog, website, or eCommerce store, then Namecheap has all of the tools and resources to help scale your business for growth. Remember that they do have a 30 day money back guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied, then you get your back. I have been using their web hosting services for a long time and haven’t looked back. 

Creating a website is not hard at all. It doesn’t any experience at all with coding or html. Anybody can do this and Namecheap makes it very easy to get started online. What type of website are you going to create online today? Do you need help or have questions about getting started? If so, don’t hesitate to drop your questions below. 

In the interim, I hope you have an AMAZING day and much success with your business online this year!

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