Siteground cPanel Tutorial for Beginners 2020 – A Complete Review of Siteground cPanel

Siteground cPanel Tutorial Review

Are you wondering how to use Siteground cpanel for your new website? If so then I have put together a brief Siteground cPanel Tutorial for beginners to help you to see how it works!

I have been using Siteground for quite some time online to create WordPress blogs easily. One of the things that I love and admire about Siteground is that give you the option of installing WordPress yourself or they will do it for you.

This is great benefit to beginners online trying to create their 1st website online. They will also walk you step by step through the process of install WordPress plugins, themes and more! No other web hosting provider out there does all of this for their clients.

However, once you get you domain name & buy your preferred Siteground web hosting plan, then Siteground will email you credentials to log into cPanel. What is cPanel? Siteground cPanel in short is the back office of your account where you will be able to find things like ftp accounts, CMS platforms, url redirects and more! This is basically the first you will go if you want to create or make additional websites online. So today in this Siteground cPanel tutorial, I would like to show you how to use it as a beginner online. As a newbie online you may not have any experience with things like html or coding websites. One thing that I love about Siteground is that you don’re really need any expertise with that to start creating your website.

However, before you we dive into this Siteground cPanel tutorial, there is one that you will need FIRST if you haven’t done so already. You need to take the first step of getting an account with Siteground web hosting. After you signup, then you can watch the following video to learn how to use the Siteground cPanel to create a blog or website in minutes! If you already have Siteground web hosting, then simply hit play on the video below!

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Siteground Web Hosting Plans – Which is Best For You?

As mentioned above in this Siteground cPanel tutorial, there are 3 shared hosting plans that Sitegrounds offers:

siteground cpanel tutorial

  • StartUp for $3.95/month!
  • Growbig for $5.95/month!
  • GoGeek for $11.95/month!

Depending on the type of website that you want to create will determine which hosting plans will be best for you. As for me, I have the Growbig plan currently on this blog being it allows me to host unlimited websites on their servers which was exactly what I needed blogging. This means that if I want to add multiple domains, I can easily do it with the Growbig hosting plan. As you could notice above, the Gogeek hosting plan will allow you to this also, but it really for websites with higher volumes of wen traffic. But the Growbig plan has everything that I need for now.

Your web hosting needs may be different than mine. You may simply have a small business that requires only 1 website online. If that is the case, then the StartUp plan for only $3.95/month may suit your needs better. Either way I think using Siteground is the best way for beginners to create and host a website online.

The cool thing is that whatever hosting plan you select, you will get FREE SSL certificates for your websites. These are great for security and especially if you are create an eCommerce store or would like to sell products on your websites. This way your customers know that your website is secure. You can see that I have one on this website. You can easily add this by using your cPanel or have a Siteground representative can do it for you.

Siteground cPanel Tutorial Conclusion

The ideal with Siteground is that as your business and website traffic grows over time, you can simply scale up according to your needs. All of the changes that you need to make for your website can done easily with a few clicks in the Siteground cPanel. For this reason I wanted to show you how it works so you will feel more familiar with it. Any questions? Let me know below in the comments please.

Now that you know how to use Siteground cPanel, then the next step is get started today buy signing up with Siteground hosting. They have a 30 money back guarantee, but you won’t need it because they are GOOD!

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