WP Engine Alternatives 2021 – 4 Cheaper WP Engine Competitors for WordPress Hosting

As you compare web hosting for WordPress, some would place WP Engine at the top of that list. However, should it really be there? Although WP Engine comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (or PROMOTED) by marketers online, looking at the pricing may stop you in your tracks! This is why you are here today to discover not only cheaper WP Engine alternatives to create your website, but also reliable!

Why Most Look for WP Engine Alternatives & Competitors?

I want to state off back that although I am NOT a WP Engine affiliate. WP Engine is okay for web hosting only IF in fact you can afford them. However, in my research I have noticed that many have looked elsewhere for a few reasons. Let me know your reason in the comments below.

Many complain about the hefty pricing of their managed web hosting. For instance, the Startup plan was previously $29/month, but now starts at $35 per month.

When compared to the $6.99/month beginner’s from SiteGround here WP Engine is nearly 5 times more in costs ($35/$6.99 =5).  The Growth plan (previously Professional) is $115/month, and yet the 3rd hosting plan called Scale (formally Business) is a whopping $290/month! Ouch!

If you were to get the Startup at $35/month, you will only be able to install 1 website. Bandwidth is not unlimited as most of WP Engine competitors.

wp engine alternatives

Cheaper WP Engine Alternatives for WordPress   

wp engine alternatives

SiteGround is an awesome WordPress hosting provider with plans starting at $6.99 per month that offers free site transfers and migrations. Their Starter plan will save you almost 5 times the amount you would pay with WP Engine Starter plan.

SiteGround has cpanel, great loading speeds, Free SSL cerificates ,Super Cacher tool, SG Optimizer, great customer support. This in our opinion is the best of the WP Engine alternatives. If you need to host multiple websites and domains, I think that the GrowBig plan is best. This plan is the one that is used for cheaphostingleader.com.

Hosting Plans are $6.99, $9.99, and $14.99 per month.

Bluehost is next in line on our like for cheaper WP Engine alternatives. They are also very reliable web hosting. The basic plan allows to create 1 website.

Bluehost customer support and chat system are very quick and helpful. If you need to host multiple websites on Bluehost and website though, I think that their Plus hosting plans are better. They come with additional resources plus free perks such as $200 in marketing credits for Google & Bing Ads. Also, you will get a FREE domain name along with domain privacy protection.

Hosting Plans are $2.95, $4.95, $5.45 & $13.95 per month.

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A2 Hosting is a the fastest of the WP Engine alternatives with their turbo servers. The starter plan called Startup is ideal to host 1 website. The hosting plans come with free SSD& SSL, unlimited transfers, storage. You can also host unlimited websites online with their Drive & Turbo hosting packages.

Plans are $2.99, $4.99, $9.99 & $14.99 per month.

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wp engine alternatives

Dreamhost has been since 1996 that offers dedicated premium WordPress hosting that also has great website loading speeds. They have been around longer than any other web hosting company including WP Engine! Dreamhost plans have unlimited bandwidth and great customer service reps that are very know their stuff.

Hosting Plans are $2.59, $7.95, and $16.95 per month

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Last 2 Cents On Best WP Engine Alternatives for WordPress

Again, we want to acknowledge that WPE is an okay option to host your website IF you can afford $35, $115 or even $290/month. Most people can’t and that’s why we have researched these WP Engine alternatives if you are considering to migrate your website today from your current hosting provider.

If you are a beginner at using web hosting & just looking at WP Engine second guessing because of the pricing, then it’s time to consider your options right NOW! You always have options. Don’t settle or pay more for less.

SiteGround is an very affordable alternative for anyone wanting to host 1 domain. Perhaps you just have a business and don’t plan on adding additional sites provider is the best. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Go here to www.siteground.com

Bluehost is also an awesome web hosting provider recommended for unlimited domains that offers a 30 day money guarantee. Go here to www.bluehost.com

Today I listed only 4 of the top web hosting that are not only cheaper WP Engine alternatives and competitors, but very reliable and reputable. If you are currently hosting WP Engine and looking to migrate your website today, give one them a try and also let us know what you think.

A2Hosting web hosting is great and know mostly for its turbo fast turbo servers that offers am ANYTIME day money back guarantee.

Go here right now to start a website www.a2hosting.com

Dreamhost is a great WP Engine alternative especially known for its premium managed hosting. If you go with Dreamhost, you will save over 1300% times the money over WP Engine’s startup plan ($35/$2.59 = 13.5).

Dreamhost gives a 97 day money back guarantee.

Go here to www.dreamhost.com 

WP Engine Alternatives Conclusion

Today, I have shown 4 top WP Engine Alternatives that are not only cheaper, but very affordable for all pockets. By sharing these options with you today I want you understand one thing.

I want you to understand that WP Engine web hosting is an okay host to create a website IF and only IF you can afford it! Not many can. In fact, I doubt that you can afford to pay to $35, $115 or even $290 per month for web hosting! If that wasn’t the case, I don’t think you would be here searching online for WP Engine alternatives and competitors. Right? You know that I am.

As a blogger, I believe that when you start a business online and want to create a personal website, it’s all about finding ways to save money. Nobody has money to throw away.

Whether you are new online or a seasoned marketer, at the end of the day we all just want reliable web hosting that won’t break our pockets.

When you purchase web hosting, price coupled with reliability & great customer support are extremely important. These should not be overlooked. Get the most for your money and make it count for the long-haul.

I hope that these WP Engine alternatives that I have shared today help you to make a decision today. If you have any questions at all or need help getting started, drop a comment below.

Which one the alternatives to WP Engine will you start your website with today? Your thoughts below..

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